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Steve Gunz - Rossi 92 Specialist

                              Steve Gunz Rossi R92 Specialist

Cowboy Shooter's Supply


Reloading Black Powder Shotgun Shells for Cowboy Action

In a typical Cowboy Action Match I use 60 rifle rounds, 60 pistol rounds and at least 24 shotgun rounds. For me, purchasing factory shotgun, pistol and rifle ammunition is prohibitively expensive particulary when it comes to using black powder cartridges and shotgun shells. So, I successfully looked for ways to mitigate the expense of black powder ammunition. The following video shows how you can reload plastic 12 gauge shotgun  shells for Cowboy Action Shooting. At the end of the video there are a couple of short clips showing how well these loads work. The recoil is mild and the smoke is great!

Making Smoke, Making Friends and Having a Great Time!

When I was a kid I was always in a hurry to move on to the next great adventure. It was always the next cap gun or a new bicycle or a new model airplane. As I look back I realize that in my haste to move on I missed some things. Through a series of unfortunate events I was forced to slow down a few years ago. It was through adversity that I began to understand that making the journey without stopping along the way was foolish.

So I slowed the pace of my life and discovered a number remarkable things and many special people.  The founding of Arkansas Shooters, as unlikely as it may seem,  was a catalyst which opened doors. One of those doors was to the world of Cowboy Action Shooting and the Arkansas Lead Slingers of Frisco City, Arkansas. If that sounds a bit silly to you, you need to slow down. Come on out and join us in making smoke, making friends and having a great time. Who knows? You may just feel like a kid again.

Ozark Plateau Bullet Company



               Click HERE for Custom Cast Bullets for Hunting and Target

                                   Contact Shanghi Jack 479-418-9807

                                               Priced at 500 per Box

All bullets cast of 20 to 1 lead, tin mix or Lyman #2 formula depending on bullet design and sizing. Standard bullet sizes: 32 S&W and HR .313, 32 WCF is .312, 38 Spl is .358, 38 WCF is .401, ww WCF is .428,  44 Spl is .430. 45 ACP is .452, 45 Colt and S&W are .452 and .454. 41 Mag are .410, .44 Special are .429.  Other sizes are available.

"Big Lube" bullets have a wider grease groove which holds more bullet lube to keep black powder fouling soft. Prices and specifications are subject to change as market conditions dictate. Plus tax where applicable.

32 S&W & HR Mag 80 gr FP         "Big Lube"                                                  $33.50

32 S&W & HR Mag 98 gr SWC                                                                          $36.75

32 WCF 115 gr FP                                                                                                $42.50

38 Spl 105 gr SWC                                                                                              $39.00

38 Spl 125 gr FP                                                                                                   $45.75

38 Spl 158 gr RN                                                                                                  $57.00

38 Spl 158 gr FP                          "Big Lube"                                                      $61.50

38 WCF 175 gr FP                                                                                                $61.00

38 WCF 190 gr FP                       "Big Lube"                                                      $72.00

44 WCF & Spl 200 gr FP             "Big Lube"                                                     $76.00

44 WCF & Spl 200 gr FP                                                                                     $69.50

44 WCF 205 gr FP .427                                                                                       $71.00

44 Spl 245 gr RN                                                                                                  $84.25

45 ACP 225 gr RN                                                                                                $79.25

45 Colt & S&W 170 gr                    "Big Lube"                                                   $63.00

45 Colt and S&W 200 gr FP          "Big Lube"                                                   $76.00

45 Colt and S&W 200 gr FP                                                                                $69.50

45 Ruger Old Army 210 gr RN      "Big Lube"                                                  $79.25

45 Colt and S&W 250 gr FP          "Big Lube"                                                   $91.75

45 Colt and S&W 250 gr RF                                                                                $87.50

To order or for more information, contact Shanghi Jack at 479-418-9807 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.